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Since 2013, I've helped people across the globe find their voice online and build aesthetic social media feeds that capture their brand personality.

"Aysha is incredibly intuitive and can pick up on your needs and asks immediately. She is full of energy, life and good vibes. My experience with Aysha has been nothing short of amazing."
Maxine Cunningham
CEO at Pick My Brain
"Aysha is one of the best people I have worked with. Multi-skilled, honest, excellent and customer-service oriented. She understands complex matters even when outside of her direct area of expertise and can problem solve effectively."
Owen Jack Cheshire
Student Voice Coordinator, SSU
"Aysha has a great flair for content strategy. She is a master at LinkedIn content strategies and ensures her voice is heard on relevant conversations online - as all her social media handles will prove."
Priyanka Prasad
Partner at The Stewdio